The Borelians Support Local Theatre Student!

The Borelians donated a $100 theatre scholarship award at Port Perry High School’s commencement ceremony last November. The winner of the award this year was Nicolette Henderson. Nicolette is currently studying Theatre Dance at Ryerson University and will be using the scholarship money to purchase books for her classes this semester. Congratulations to Ms. Henderson!

Some Pics of Blithe Spirit, Enjoy!

Jaime Morgan as Ruth Condomine and Rick Kerr as Charles Condomine
James Gilbert as Dr. Bradman and Rick Kerr as Charles
Lorraine Chiusolo as Elvira and Rick Kerr as Charles Codomine
Lee Laycoe as Mrs. Bradman, James Gilbert as Dr. Bradman, Mary Delaney as Madame Arcati, Rick Kerr as Charles, and Jaime Morgan as Ruth
Lorraine Chiusolo as Elvira
Lee Laycoe and James Gilbert as the happy-go-lucky Bradmans
Rick Kerr, Joanne Norman as Edith, and Jaime Morgan enjoy a pleasant breakfast.
Charles shows off his tongue to Ruth; she isn't convinced that this is a good idea.
Mary Delaney belts out a tune from the musical version of Blithe Spirit.

All photos are courtesy of Andrew Oxenham.